Saint Rocco Oratory was built in 1631 by the people who survived the plague of 1630 (causing 272 deads and leaving only one hundred survivors). At that time a lot of oratories were consecrated to Saint Rocco, Patron Saint from the plague.
After the First World War, Saint Rocco Church was dedicated to the inhabitants of Montemagno who died during the First War and, after that, to the victims of the Second World War, too. Their names are written in a memorial stone above the Altar.
The Oratory was frescoed with scenes of the First World War. In particular, the vaulted ceiling was painted blue with some scrolls dedicated to our country.
On the outside there are two marble stones recalling the original foundation. On the one on the left, it says “FUNDAMENTA COMUNITER FUNDATA” (built by the common will of the country); on the one on the right, the construction date “A. DOMN MCDXXXI MIANUS Po” (Montemagno people A.D.1631). Actually, the Montemagno original name was Mons Ianus, i.e. the Mountain of Ianus, the Roman God.

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