The Church can be visited freely on saturday, from 16.00 to 18.00 hr.
Interested visitors should call cell-phone number 347 0031817

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SAINT MARY OF THE SNOW (XI Century) The Church of Saint Mary of the Snow was built in 1076 at the top of the village, inside the village-wall. It was dedicated to St Mary of the Snow like the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.
The first original information about the Church dates back to 1179.
It consists of an unaisled nave and harbours a stoup dating to the XV Century, coming from Saint Martino's Church, and a Baptismal Font of the Tuscan school. A fresco of the beginning of the XX Century representing Jesus Christ's Batpism is located on the wall behind this latter.
The Church was consecrated as a Pieve (the Baptism Sacrament could be celebrated there) in 1578. Only a few structures of its original architectural style still stand, namely the choir and a part of the presbytery. The belfry was built from 1786 to 1811, when the State Property bought the bells from St. Paolo all'Orto Church in Pisa. The bells were dedicated to St. Mary of the Snow, to Beato Eugenio III and to St. Filomena.
The Church, largely reconstructed several times, harbours the XVIII Century lateral Altars, once consecrated to St. Giovanni Evangelista, to St. Antonio and to the Souls in Purgatory. Now they are dedicated to Pope Eugenio III and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
A statue of Our Lady of Sorrow stood in the lateral chapel dedicated to Saint Mary. It is an exquisite workmanship made of polychrome stucco, from the school of Andrea Pisano. Presently this statue is kept in a protected place.
Among the Properties of the Church there are some artistic works like a canopy and an Annunciation painting attributed to Giovanni Tempesti.

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